2007 KTM 250 XCW


I can not for the life of me get the clutch bled on my 07 250xcw. Bought a new o-ring for the slave cylinder and and it doesn’t make a difference. I tried gravity bleeding, nothing. I tried cracking the banjo and bleeding like you would bleed brakes, nothing. I tried back bleeding, nothing. When I try back bleeding it doesn’t matter if I barely crack it open or back it out a full turn because it starts leaking between the banjo bolt and bleeder. I’ve had the bleeder and banjo out twice and they are clear of obstruction because I can see light through them. It doesn’t appear to be leaking by the slave anymore and I can’t find leaks anywhere else but the system won’t build any pressure. When I pump the lever there’s no air bubbles showing up in the master anymore. I’m at a loss and wishing I bought a bike with a cable clutch. Who thinks they can save the day and figure out why my bike is un-ridable?

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  1. I just went thru this 2 weeks ago! I feel your pain! I installed a rebuild kit in the master cylinder and Slave cylinder. Back bleeding worked but you really have to push the slave cylinder pretty firm.

  2. Sounds like you’ve air trapped in the master or the piston seals are bad. Have you rebuilt the master? I’m not sure repeated removing the banjo bolt on the slave is beneficial. Perhaps in doing so, the crush washers have become compromised and are leaking.\n\nRead a suggestion the other day that recommended removing the plastic baffle from the master when experiencing problems bleeding the system.\n\nIs the hose in good shape? Kinks or bulges?\n\nThe hydraulic clutch is pretty bulletproof. The trouble you’re having isn’t too common.

  3. Try undoing the adjuster on the lever. You might have to much tension on the master cylinder not allowing the piston to come back far enough to allow you to bleed it.

  4. Good post to watch. I’ll be helping a buddy fix a hydro clutch on his sons ktm 50 this week.

  5. Reverse bleed.

  6. I went through the same with my son’s 144 sx ended up being a leaky master cylinder. Bought a new one works awesome.and use the recommended fluid.i tried mineral oil sucked.used baby oil sucked went and got the right stuff worked right away

  7. I am using the Magura Blood and it seems to work fine.

  8. I’m using the motorex hydrolic oil that is for the ktm.it cleared right up

  9. Try leaning the bike to the right as for a you can with out spilling to much. Then pull and release the lever letting it snap back. Usually works for me.

  10. Had the same issue had me going mad…ended up being what Steven wood said

  11. I rebuilt the clutch master today. The diaphragm was unusable so I improvised. Clutch still wasn’t working right but I finally rode the bike around the block. Granted I’ve never used a KTM hydraulic clutch but it feels good to me. Still won’t engage the clutch though so once I got going I couldn’t stop. I guess I’ll try bleeding it again tomorrow.

  12. Initially my bleed screw was blocked.. check it….I used a 1 meter long tube and would watch the fluid move 1mm at a time… finally after an hour of bleeding it came through…. if i had a bleed pump i could reverse bleed it to the master that would be heaps easy….Another thought i had was to bleed the fluid up the brake line so held upwards till it came out that way so there is no air….. then hold the banjo end with bolt as best you could and attach it down without loosing much fluid…………., that should minimise air inside.. Anway i am sure someone here will say my idea sucks!! But reverse bleed would be favoured option. I soent clise to 2 hours to get it bleed

  13. New clutch master diaphragm should arrive either today or tomorrow. I tried back bleeding it again but it didn’t help. Kept leaking by the bleed screw threads. Forgot to try some Teflon tape thread sealer stuff like Jeff mentioned.\n\nJeff Vincent I checked in the oil fill hole as I pulled the clutch lever and the pressure plate is moving back and forth. The lever feels good so it makes sense that it would move it. Didn’t have time over the weekend to look into it anymore so I’m hoping I can put the bike on it’s side to inspect the clutch tonight.

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