2007 Honda CR 125 headstem cracked?


07 honda cr 125 headstem cracked or ? Probably a stupid question ? Is it meant to be like that or is it cracked ?


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Answers ( No )

  1. Yep! Cracked. Thats the join where the two casts are welded together

  2. Yeah i thought so would you be able to tig that or would it screw up where the bearings sit ?

  3. You might have to get it apart first to make sure the two surfaces are flat and clean for re welding. Someone on here may be an ali welder?

  4. Looks like maybe the head stem was tightened too much and its pulled the bearings in too hard forcing the joon apart at the top…

  5. Where you at mate?

  6. Where's all the KTM haters/Jap lovers now???

  7. At least it's still in one piece , a Ktm would have just snapped in half !

  8. Casting splint get a good boilermaker to vee it out and tig back up all good cobba

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