2007 CVO-SE Electra Glide Engine Noise


I just bought a 2007 CVO-SE Electra Glide and having never been a HD owner previously I am wondering about an engine noise that seems concerning to me.

I think it’s most noticeable when the motor is under load, and auditable in all gears.

I had a couple friends listen (whom are very familiar with HD’s) and they were stumped.

The sound comes from the front cylinder, not sure if it’s in the top or bottom end. Sounds to me like a slappy knock or something.

I’ll try to take a recording of it on my next ride so I can post it here.

I asked the previous owner and he said that he’s never heard any engine noise while he’s owned it. The noise was there from the second I rode it away after the sale.

Any suggestions? I am planning on taking it into the shop for a look but wanted to pitch it here first.


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  1. Premium gas only and add a shot of Lucas oil treatment in every other tank. Don’t skimp on the oil or filters either

  2. Harley’s are noisey, probably the front exhaust lifter, probably nothing, take it to a good shop

  3. I’m guessing it’s the compensator. It’s down in the front lower left of the engine

  4. I’ll be changing all the fluids right away. I have only used premium fuel as well. I’ll try out the additive as well. HD shops are not as plentiful in these parts however I will be looking to my friends here to suggest which shop is most reliable

  5. I thought the compensators in the SE are trustwothy

  6. Could be the rocker arms. Harley is known for a noisy top end especially with some miles on them. There is a product called ‘rockout’ that ends this problem. Its a fairly easy job and doesn’t cost much. Do a search for it and read up on it. It is talked about in detail on HD forums.

  7. Related question… the guy I bought it from had the ESP which is valid till March 2019. Is it an easy process to transfer to my name?

  8. When I sold my bike with esp, the shop sold it back to Harley, I was pissed, the new owner payed for a new esp, fucking rip off, I payed 2 gs for it, Kane’s HD Kelowna

  9. Yes Terry N Tosha Cyrenne transferring ESP should be easy enough. On your noise – possibly rockers or piston slap. Also possibly lifters. 110’s are noisy, I had 2 & on their good days they still rattled some. Other culprits are the horn mount, shifter lever, Kickstand rubber stop missing, or exhaust related. Good luck.

  10. Rocker shafts is the most common culprit

  11. My friend Mike Cruzr Scherban also thought rockers… but he wasn’t 100% convinced.

  12. Look into buying the extended service plan. Depending on mileage you should be able to buy it for that bike. It’s a very very worthwhile investment. $50 deductible per visit

  13. Might be a lifter

  14. Try tightening your push rods if there adjustable

  15. Terry..had that knocking shit…it turned out to be a lifter

  16. He does have the ESP… it expires Mar 2019

  17. I thinks we should all just get drunk… iam irish

  18. Hey guys and gals… I took my ride to the HD dealer here and they had a listen. They were not sure what the engine noise is, they believe it’s in the bottom end. \n\nI took a video for you folks to listen and provide some opinions. \n\nLet me know if you agree or if I should be looking at lifters, cams, or something else.\n\nCheers

  19. Try using rotella T6 oil.

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