2007 4c8 rear shock to a 2005 5vy?


Hi – Has anybody fitted a 2007 4c8 rear shock to a 2005 5vy? I had a shim sent to me some time ago by a guy on here who made a few up for when he converted his but I wanted to know how much work is required to swap it out. Cheers

2007 4c8 rear shock to a 2005 5vy?

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  1. It can be done that’s what the shim is for and u can fit the shim on your bike without the 4c8 if I remember correctly

  2. Is it really worth it?

  3. It was free so worth it is really not the question I also got the same shim

  4. A fully setup and adjusted 5VY shock would work the same. The forks are the same story, no point in switching to 4c8

  5. Well the shim make the back end higher I do believe

  6. All the shim is a stock r6 shim

  7. And the 4c8 Shock is a direct bolt in. The shim isn’t needed

  8. I was the guy that had the shims and I’ve done the swap, the 4c8 shock spring is stiffer and in has more adjustment

  9. Ahhhh thank you for chiming in Steven I totally forgot who I got it from

  10. No probs I still got a load somewhere if anyone needs one

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