2006 KTM 525 EXC


Well gotta another question I have a 2006 ktm 525exc I rode it yesterday for 5 minutes turned it off then started it again and rode for 5 minutes then went to start it again and it won’t start so I waited overnight tried it again still won’t start I checked for spark it has great spark air filters clean and its getting new clean fuel but still won’t start I’m guessing a carb issue but my carb looks like a flux capacitor lol it looks complicated so I don’t know where to start thanks for any help

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  1. turn the gas on

  2. Did you blip the throttle three times before cranking? How old is the battery? How fast is it cranking? Does it start when you kick it?

  3. I turned the gas on lol

  4. Yes I’ve tried bliping the throttle a few times battery is new, it cranks pretty fast,no it won’t start when kicking either

  5. pull the plug and crank it see if you have spark, if you do then i would check to see if the carb has a stuck float

  6. I checked for spark it has good spark

  7. Pull your fuel line at the carb and verify you have fuel with the fuel valve on

  8. Did that Steve Cyr I have good fuel flow to the carb

  9. How do I check for stuck float Ray MacNamee

  10. I’ve tried starting it with choke and without choke it won’t start 🙁

  11. I would try to pull the plug at the bottom of the carb to verify you have fuel in the bowl. It may be kind of tight to get at. May have to loosen clamps at carb and rotate. Easier said than done on 4 strokes. That’s why I went back to 2 strokes. Simplicity.

  12. Remove the nut on the bowl or just lay the bike on its side and fuel should flow from the lines. If it’s stuck close no fuel should come out.

  13. I cracked bowl and fuel comes out

  14. Make sure that a lot of fuel comes out

  15. Put some gas in a squirt bottle. Pull air cleaner and crank bike over with electric start and see if it fires while you spray a fine mist of gas into the air inlet side of carb. Ensure you have a very clean air box first as not to pull any dirt in as it fires. If it fires and runs while you moderately spray a fuel mist in the inlet you know it’s a carb issue. If not sounds like a mechanical issue.

  16. Try to kick start it. Also, they also get really hard to start if the valves are getting too tight. Check the valves.

  17. Mine did that. Couldn’t figure it out. Hit the carb with the butt of a screw driver and it’s fixed! Float had gotten stuck

  18. Valves were just checked at ktm dealer

  19. Since it started and ran fine, twice, and now it does not I’d bet that you are dealing with a jetting issue. Likely the pilot jet.

  20. If you need to squirt the carbs fuel pump 3 times before starting, your jetting is set up wrong and you will fight fueling issues forever.

  21. 100% off topic but nice bike! Mines an 07.

  22. My buddy told my to pull the spark plug put a squirt of gas in the cylinder and put plug back in and turn it over if it starts or trys to start its a carb issue should I try it

  23. Thanks nice bike David Brent Pellum

  24. Dont be afraid to check your carb. Im an idiot and with youtube’s help i clean it and had solve that kind of issues.

  25. Thanks Wood Stock

  26. And in this fb forum theres a lot of expert riders and mechanics that can help us when we are stuck in the middle of some repair hehe.

  27. If it’s your pilot jet, the bike will usually keep running once started. So what I personally do, is pull out the air filter, open the throttle wide open, squirt a bit of carb cleaner right down the intake tract (with the throttle open it shoots all the way to the valves). Close the throttle and hit the starter button. If it fires up, give it a little throttle and let it get running. Now you know the motor works, electrical works and it’s a carb issue on the pilot circuit or fuel screw setting. If you can’t start it with a bit of carb cleaner, then the issue could be elsewhere.\nBUT BEWARE: carb cleaner will strip the oil from everything it hits. Too much into the intake can take a toll on the piston, rings, bore, valve stems. So just a short burst.

  28. Thanks Joshua Budimlya

  29. I wish i could help you in person. I love fixing dirt bikes.

  30. Well if anyone is ever in Grand junction Colorado hit me up we will ride

  31. I should be over that way for all the rounds of MotoMayhem later this year. We should do some riding around one of those events

  32. Sweet pm me

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