2006 HD xl883c


Mechanical question, help if you can. If not appropriate, please let me know…

I have a 2006 HD xl883c and when I turn my ignition off, my speedometer back light stays on, the horn works and the rear brake light will come on when compressed. Previous to this I had an intermittent high beam with no low beam but that has been remedied. Also, I get an intermittent right turn signal that will just come on by itself at times. Is anyone on here mechanical and or electrically inclined. I don't have a warranty and I don't make a whole lot of money and that's what keeps me from taking it to the dealer. I am a daily rider and often camper so it is killing my spirit not to have my scoot in good running condition.

2006 HD xl883c

2006 HD xl883c

2006 HD xl883c

2006 HD xl883c

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  1. It’s a long shot but you may have a worn out ignition switch ?

  2. I had to replace the ignition switch twice on my sporty (probably mostly due to the fact that I relocated it between the jugs…)

  3. I have wondered if it was the ignition switch actually.

  4. I had a turning signal light intermittent. And it would keep coming on. Pressing would not turn off. The underside button had a spring in it and was not springing off for the logics. Only a new button was needed to engage spring. No switch with wiring was need. May just want to peek inside it. A little pain holding and tightening all back together

  5. check the signal switch for moisture inside

  6. I’ve shot some WD 40 into the switches and worked them for a few minutes, usually cleans up the contacts and dries out

  7. That’s an ignition switch issue. Almost seems like it’s going to accessory when you go to shut it off. Being an ’06, that may well be the case.

  8. Ignition switch. Guaranteed

  9. Sounds like water is getting into the contacts behind the ign switch. Try some WD-40. Don’t laugh the letters stand for Water Displacing.

  10. Ignition switch 100u0025

  11. Just buy a honda

  12. WD40 is the magic, on road cure for all electrical problems. Buy small one, keep it with you.

  13. I’m gonna say it’s probably the ignition switch also. Those switches don’t handle stress of lots of stuff hanging from the key.

  14. Ignition switch or bad ground near the ignition switch, would be my guess.

  15. You can look up Diagnostics check on YouTube. I’m not sure if it will work on the 2006 but there’s a sequence on your switches that will give you a code and tell you what’s wrong.
    Then search the codes on line.
    I would bet it’s the switch

  16. This page gives you instructions on how to check the codes, if any, and what the code means. Scroll down to your bike and follow the directions.

  17. Check your grounds

  18. Sounds like a short/ loose wire

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