2005 R1 the battery died


Question: I have a 2005 r1 the battery died mid ride so I replaced the battery it started ran for a couple mins then I shut it off went to start it and it was dead then I took the battery back out put it on the charger put it back in then it started I ran it for a couple mins then left it over night came back out it still started but then I pulled it out the shed ran for a couple mins shut it of went to start it and it was dead again what could be the problem bike also had a power commander

2005 R1 the battery died

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  1. Stator is bad

  2. Sounds like the regulator rectifier has gone.

  3. It would kill the battery that fast?

  4. Stator/rectifier isnt charging the bike. Bike is running off battery until its drained

  5. Stator. Roto might’ve lost the magnets, Rectifier, wiring issue, burnt up pigtail. It’s an easy thing to pinpoint if you can use a multimeter

  6. Tighten the shit out of connections

  7. Could be just a shitty battery. My current bike was acting all kinds of crazy when I first got its. Turns out it was a cheap ass eBay battery and it was garbage.

  8. Check your stator AC voltage output and ohm out the windings as well and ohm the rectifier also. Pretty sure is gone. And if u have to replace one or the other then do both.

  9. Change rectifier and stator together, prob a new battery also since you ran it a few times on only battery.

  10. Easier way to do it is start the bike get a multimeter and see what voltage u get at the battery while bike is running and then rev it up to about 4 5k voltage should go up to about 14V or so.

  11. Bad habit to leave your helmet on your tank broski to many falls and it might not save you when you need it too

  12. Magneto blown up in housing I bet

  13. Its definitely the wiring. Can be anything really… from bad battery ground, to bad faulty wiring in starter… or can be as simple as something being loose.. then you wiggle it around (it catches contact) and starts again.

  14. Change the stator and rectifier together. Also update the stator rotor to the new one

  15. get a tester and check the voltage output, before starting and when running, if voltage didn’t change after running, it could be rectefier or stator go with rectifier 1st

  16. I had same problem, i’v got 2005 Aswell, I got a new battery new rectifier new stator relay, if it isn’t any of them, then magneto flywheel is stuffed

  17. If it was the stator wouldn’t not have spark and wouldn’t run at all??

  18. No stator & flywheel different it still starts but if flywheel is damaged it doesn’t charge the battery, so drains it

  19. Like an alternator on the car

  20. These seem to b problems alot magnets brake inside of them, the stator might b OK, mine was ok so check voltage of stator c if it’s giving any voltage

  21. Stator is bad 100u0025

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