2005 R1 small oil leak


Need help have a small oil leak coming from the center of my oil pan right above the exhaust bike is a 2005 r1 note I have removed the oil pan recently.

2005 R1 small oil leak

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  1. I had that happen to me on one of my R1s after taking the oil pan out. I found that it could be the little orings that goes around the drains for the weep holes may have gotten damaged or moved and didn’t seal fully. I replaced all mine and never had another problem.

  2. Just don’t chance riding it man, hell even if it don’t catch fire it might get on your tire. Probably just an o ring or something. Good luck man hope you get er back going good soon. We need to ride again here soon.

  3. Not to mention spewing oil over the roads for everyone else to enjoy is not considerate.

  4. O ring on weep

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