2004 FLHTCUI with a 95CI motor


I need some advice, please. I have a 2004 FLHTCUI with a 95CI motor, PC-5, TW37 .510 cam, lifters, some head work and some other irrelevant to this “ask” mods. I’m looking to upgrade the air filter and exhaust from the stock headers and SE slip-ons in order to get the bike to breathe. Was reading about all sorts of stuff, especially “how” cams work in the HD forum last night. I ended up more confused and unsure how I should go forward. I would appreciate some suggestions and advice from my brothers from other mothers. Does it really make sense to get a $400 air filter that throws so much air it can’t be used? What air filter allows the “right” amount of air in? What true dual exhaust provides the proper air flow…not concerned with the “sound” like almost all advertisers and a lot of buyers seem to be focused on. Yes, I know that 2:1’s are higher performance. Thanks in advance.

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    I did the full SE upgrade. Everyone who rides near me asks ‘man your bike sounds amazing…what did you do?’ To each his own I say. I have amazing throat and growl with this upgrade. I also did the cobra headers. Again, YOUR BIKE. Do what makes you feel comfortable and trust me if you have $$$ there are enough ways to part with it. Just an FYI slipons are bare minimum and I did that for my first bike. Huge difference in sound and power second bike.

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