2004 400 xt outlander


Question, i have a 2004 400 xt outlander, replaced the carb and fuel pump it idles mint yet it bogs when I acclerate. However when i turn on the choke it runs fine but wont idle. I figure my problem is not enough fuel but not sure what to do next. Could it be the amazon fuel pump?

2004 400 xt outlander

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  1. Well when it bogs I would first try the Fuel Screw that’s should be under the front part of the carb turn it in a 1/4 at a time. Not sure but this might be a carb that has the Fuel pump accelerator which is nothing more than a small diaphragm inside the carb that pumps a small squirt of fuel when u twist the throttle. When those diaphragms tear they make jetting a nightmare if you are not use to dealing with them.

  2. Bogging down would mean too much fuel.

  3. Is it an OEM carb or a knock off??!

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