2001 KX250 Rear Shock


Looking for some advice I just got a kx250 2001 the rear shock is no good bounces like a pogo stick there’s no air in it but it’s due a rebuild anyway but I was thinking about upgrading it would a 2011 Kxf 250 rear shock work or will it need messing around with to work ?

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  1. If its like a pogo stick it has lost the oil and needs rebuilding. If you are in the UK I rebuild them for £75

  2. Yeah I’m in the uk and want it rebuilt along with the front forks but the rear shock I was going to replace cause where the upper bearing is looks like some one has broke it and I don’t no if I’ll be able to change that upper bearing due to it ?

  3. If you could inbox me with so advise would be great pal

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