2 wheeled trailer and a one wheeled trailer, the difference in pulling


I need to ask anyone who has pulled a regular 2 wheeled trailer and a one wheeled trailer, the difference in pulling. I used to pull a Timeout camper years ago. I have a friend that is selling his 1 wheeled trailer and it’s a rigid mount (no ball) hitch. Any problems or suggestions? I ride a Roadliner so have plenty of power for any trailer. I’m just leery of how they perform on real bumpy roads. All advice is welcome.

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  1. Paula, I’m like you in that I’m tossing the idea around of getting a one-wheeled trailer sometime down the road. I’m sure there are many folks in here who can help you with info but you might also check The Motorcycle Trailer Towing Forum in Delphiforums. LOT of people there with homebuilts and one-wheel trailers who might be able to give you insight as well. Good luck and have fun researching eh?

  2. I have a timeout also, but used to have a single wheel Yeats ago…. both pull nice, the single was easy to pull but also had alot less storage…. there’s some decent sized ones out there, just depends on what all your needs are and what you will carry. As far as the design, I wouldn’t have any worries.

  3. No experience, but as a truck driver. The more wheels, the more weight.\nAlso, as with your bike. You will really need to load everything equally in both sides of the single wheel.\n\nWhile with a 3 or 4 wheeler, the less wheels is better for fuel economy, I think dual wheels would be easier to load and safer.

  4. never pulled a one wheeled trailer but have a 2 wheeled. One big difference is the space available. if what you want to take fits in a one wheeled then go for it.

  5. I have pulled two different 1 wheel trailers and a 2 wheel trailer. I like the 1 wheel because where you go it goes, if you can fit it will fit. That being said 2 wheel trailers offer more load and unlike the 1 wheel trailers you can disconnect from the bike and still be stable. A loaded 1 wheel trailer is less than stable off of the bike. I love my 1 wheel trailers but the two wheels offer more options.

  6. Sorry forgot the last question, bumpy roads. As far as the two 1 wheel trailers I have pulled they worked great in ruff conditions. Also if you’re worried avout it I would think the 1 wheel qpuld be better as it tracks with the bike so if you ride the smothest portion the trailer will be right behind you not on each side.

  7. I’ve never pulled one. But it looks like a one wheel would put allot more weight on the bike instead of the trailer carrying the weight? \nGuess that’s more a question than a statement.

  8. Very good question.

  9. Put a luggage rack on your trailer hitch

  10. Homebuilt one wheel pulls great. Had to build my own hitch out of 1 inch square tubing as the strap type hitches are not solid enough to keep trailer from rocking. I haul tent, bag, tools, cooler, food, clothes, etc for camping trips/rally weekends in it.

  11. This is my home built, it pulls great and you barely know its back there. 53 pounds empty and useful load of 100 pounds.

  12. Both nice looking homebuilts.

  13. I truly never knew the trailer was back there in braking, accelerating or maneuvering. it pulled perfectly. I had a 12 model Goldwing with a 2 wheel trailer. I felt every bump and every wag of that trailer.

  14. I prefer a 1 wheel trailer,I built this one.

  15. I have never pulled a one wheel trailer but the biggest drawback, it seems to me, would be trying to keep the bike upright with 100 lbs behind you and higher than the rear axle. I think it would be hard to handle in a slow speed situation (re: parking lot maneuver, or gas station), especially if you have a two wheel bike. Can you hold the bike up if it starts to tip over with the trailer attached? What about trying to duckwalk it backwards if you are in a tight spot? These are my initial thoughts, as I have only pulled a 2 wheel trailer for the last 6 or 7 years, so I am not an authority on 1 wheel units.

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