2 inch rzr lift off amazon for my 18 Zforce 500


Ordered the 2” rzr lift off amazon for my 18 Zforce 500, my question is whether or not it’s normal for them to be all different sizes.

2 inch rzr lift off amazon for my 18 Zforce 500

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  1. Yes so you can set it up for circle track!

  2. Could it be taller ones for the front and rear and also the driver side be taller to offset the weight of the driver?
    Just a thought

  3. Real talk powersports has a video showing installation

  4. Yes. Watch a video how they are installed. You will see why.

  5. Yes they are correct

  6. Blake has alot of videos on cfmoto

  7. They are right.

  8. The tall ones go on the front bottom (a-arm) and the short ones go on rear at the top (frame). Now the taller of the 2 go to the front of the OEM shock brackets.


  9. Clearance for welds

  10. When I installed my lift kit I cut the tabs off like everyone said and it made it to where they actually needed the tabs

  11. I would like to point out, not being negative but, if there is no support under the seat, will it not sag? The liner under the seat is a plastic.

  12. I actually cut mine and modified it to give almost 4" of lift

  13. The set i bought didn’t look like that. I would send them back

  14. They are the right ones.

  15. No instructions? Two tall ones in front, shorter of two goes in between the shock mount. Taller one on outside. Angles to the welds.

  16. I posted the video for him people

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