1999 MXC 300 Restoration


Hi guys maybe anyone can help I restored a 1999 MXC 300 it runs very good but I never had a hydraulic clutch bike and when I put first gear and press full clutch stopped bike still wants to run even can turn off if you don’t rev it enough, while running very slow you.feel even with full clutch it still feels pushing any idea what can I check/replace/fix ?

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  1. Clutch basket may be notched ( look in filler cap hole ) , systems fluid may need to be bled ( push fluid up from bottom )

  2. Might be a weak master cylinder. Rebuild kit about $40. Could be a worn clutch pushrod, but not likely.

  3. Adjust the lever and make sure it’s engaging fully

  4. My lever cannot be adjusted to close to the bar or it will drag clucht. Been like that since new

  5. Thanks a Lot Guys I really appreciate it, I’m starting on KTM world and as a begginer mechanic but loving this bike very powerful and fast, I will check all suggestions once I get home ! Thanks again

  6. Add a little transmission fluid to the oil a cup or two.

  7. Still got some air bubbles in it. Bleed from the piston in the slave. Push in the piston until you see no more air bubbles come out of the resivor on top

  8. Will take about 5 mins just make sure you keep fluid in at the top or check you’re o ring

  9. So why does everyone say bleed from the bottom up i used a vacume to get the fluid to the slave then bled like a break caliper and mine works

  10. Worn clutch plates will do the very same thing, if they are not new I would check thickness.

  11. Issue solved guys I just adjusted the clutch lever I thought it didn’t have any adjustment but it does and now bike is on minimum with first gear in and not turning off !! Thanks a lot, cheer for KTM ! Awesome machines I hope I get a newer once I save some money I live in Costa Rica and KTM’s here are twice expensive than US

  12. Nice that it was the simplest thing.

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