1994 KTM 400 LC4


Thanks for the add here is my 1994 400 lc4 Ktm. I have a question I bought this bike as a little project and I’m getting it all ready for the street. Well here it is I have been looking for a new speedometer drive Ktm no longer makes them can anyone help me out as maybe an alternative route to go thanks!!

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  1. There’s lots of magnetic pick up/electronic speedos out there now. Google would be your friend in that regard. Trail Tech is a name you might put in that Google Search box.

  2. Thank you

  3. Trail tech vapor is a great unit that is easily installed and very affordable. Make sure you plug the factory speedo cable hole at the wheel so it does not build up with dirt and debris.

  4. Thanks guys I just ordered the vapor it’s not going to be exactly bolt on but I’ll make it work slight differences between 98 and 95

  5. They are very universal aslong as you got a model with a magnet and speedo pick up.

  6. Ok I’ll re check it

  7. There use to be a couple of companies who made speedo eliminators for the older KTM. This allowed you to remove the drive and replace it with a spacer. http://www.enduroeng.com/product-instructions/speedo-drive-eliminator-ktmhusaberghusqvarnahonda.html

  8. I was going to machine a spacer up to eliminate the speedo drive hub

  9. I think the Husky ones fit from a 610 mid 2000’s? I had one from a husky and someone bought it from me for what your doing.

  10. Patrick check out Highway Dirt Bikes. They have a factory looking mount for the vapor.

  11. I will thanks Brent Wesley is it a pretty easy installation did you have to do a lot of wiring and splicing

  12. Thats not a pic of mine. Just a pic of highway dirtbikes mount. Mine was pretty easy. I used the trail tech voyager. Just followed instructions. Highway dirt bikes has bar mounts for all of the them.

  13. Mine is an 04 450 exc so it came with an electronic speedo from the factory. I did have to do some splicing but the fact that it came with the an electric speedo made things much easier.

  14. I’m excited to get it all hooked up now

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