1982 YZ490


New here, What can you guys tell me about the 82 yz490? Found one for sale bored to a 510cc, engine work done three months ago with paperwork. I don’t know much about these bikes to be honest, so I wanted to hear from owners first hand, thank you!

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  1. pretty decent motors they handle horribly

    • The bikes worked well when you rode them hard they weren’t designed to go slow. Scotts always did my suspension. You just had to be in good shape, strong. To ride the bike hard. I actually liked it better than my Alpha 1 Maico

  2. piece of shit. Where is it at?

  3. West VA. Heard some stories about the jetting problems they have.

  4. You can change jetting. How much they asking ?

  5. 2k, considered trading my 07 crf450 for it too. My 450 has some problems

  6. We have discovered alot about these bikes . Within the last 2years. The 81 yz465 suspension was great. Then they fucked it up in 82. Then they corrected the suspension in 83. As far as the enengine.

  7. Great bikes simple motor. Jetting takes some time but not impossible. What’s asking price. Looks Complete.

    • 2k, debating on trading my 07 crf450 for it, it needs some work, but that yz doesn’t. Really just trying to figure out if it’s worth it

    • If you really know that it does not need any work. Than its worth around 2k. But I have newer 500’s that needed work. So know what your buying. I have a 2000 KX500 I paid about $1700 by the time it was done, over 3000 into it. So, this post a pic and ask how much? is not realistic. How is the clutch? How is the suspension? Are the spokes all rusted and locked up?

    • Feels fine, rather stiff, and no. They aren’t. I couldn’t see any issues with it.

    • The bottom line is if your happy with the trade. I love my bikes and wish I would have been able to keep every bike I ever owned. This is really gomeong to come down to what you think. My last build was a 98 CR500. I have $1000 for it. But i put another $1000 to 1500 into it.

    • Like I said I have been doing my research online. About the pros and the cons, the fine line with the jetting, I just wanted to hear from people who own them.

    • Ryan, take it for a test ride. See if you like it.

    • Ryan, 2k is fair. Is it all stock Parts ? Exhaust ? Throttle? Plastics? Check under frame for dents

  8. Mine brand new went for 1,648.00

  9. I own an 82 and its a beast.

  10. 82 1st year for the 490 suspension is horrible 4 Speed trans bullet proof I happen to like the spacing same ratio as a 465 2-5
    Correctly cut head helps tremendously with tunning ,

    Pain in the ass to get jetting spot on always sluggish at about 1/4-3/8 throttle hence correctly cut head and/or pwk carb

    It’s a Yamaha parts are available cheap lots of interchangeability between year’s

    Prone to exhaust leaks at the flange this must be corrected if it happens or it will melt a piston and not think twice

    Kick Starting
    Will kick back and with enough force to brake cases if you don’t kick all the way through the stroke you cannot hafass kick it

    At .080 over 510cc when it blows up your only option is nikasile it or sleeve it

    93octane or higher fuel is a must even with a correct cut head
    That about sums up the 82
    Get the shock set up and go enjoy it

  11. As above ? I’ve junked the swinging arm and linkage . Mounted a 1981 swinging arm and shortened the the rear brake arm 20mm . Dropped the yokes 35mm and I’m pleased with the result . Engine I’ve had the compression lowered with head mod and run dual stage reeds , Well pleased with end result after card jetting change.

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