1976 CB750F or CB750K Kick Stand


Please Help!!!! Dumb question, trying to figure out what I have, a 1976 CB750F, or CB750K? Also I’m trying to figure out the kick stand,I think the wrong of was put on. This bike was my uncle’s in 1976, he bought new, he swears is the original kickstand, but the knob on the frame to put the spring on is in front, but on the stand it’s behind, no way in hell the spring will go on. Any info will help. Thanks in advance

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  1. looks like it on backwards just flip it around to where the spring hook is pointing out

  2. 750f will have 4 in to 1 exhaust and rear disc brake

  3. Your uncle could have changed the exhaust but the brake will tell the tale.

  4. Yep an f should have rear disks came factory with comstars too 75 f motors were black

  5. google… side stand or kick stand…but i am thinkin also it is on backwards that angle should wrap up around the pipes

  6. Whole bike is defective – ship it to me and I’ll dispose of it FOC

  7. My uncle put other parts on in the years he had it in the 70s, he had some sportster parts on that he modded to fit. I wouldn’t be surprised that he found a different kick stand that fit the extended forks

  8. Spring looks pretty clean. Kickstand looks nothing like my 74. I think my 350f had one like that.

  9. Look on the vin number, on the frame.

  10. Yes my k6 has the spring pin on the outside Opposite where yours is

  11. In case you haven’t had a good answer yet, reverse the bolt. That definitely is on backwards. The smaller head of the bolt has a smooth shank before the threads start. That should be on the inside of the frame, allowing the stand to rotate.

  12. A 76 f also came with a spoke rear rim with disc brakes it was the only year I think and that don’t look like the kick stand that belongs on it .

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