17 Zforce 500 Starter isn’t fully turning over the engine


Ok, have a question to an issue I’m having with my wife’s ’17 Zforce 500trail. When trying to start it, it doesn’t want to start almost like the starter isn’t fully turning over the engine. But i can bump the key a couple times and it will finally fire off. Well, i shut it off and went to start it a couple minutes later and the connection at the starter started smoking and it won’t fully turn over. Question is, is it possible the starter is going bad? The battery is good, setting at 12.5v when the machine is shut off and while it was running it was around 14v.

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Answers ( No )

  1. Check ground on frame by cvt. 90% of electrical issues are from loose/bad ground

  2. My ex800 did something very similar to that until I found the loose negative cable on the battery now it's fine

  3. It's the single cylinder hiccup drives me nutz but it just takes a bit to get onto it

  4. Check all your Connections between your battery and your starter it sounds like you've got something loose

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