140 rear tyre on there evo softail?


Another question….has anyone fitted a 140 rear tyre on there evo softail?
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  1. Here ya go bud hope it helps I know it’s hard to read on a phone but this tells you the range of tires you can fit inside your stock fenders

  2. Where did you get this were I can download thanks

  3. A guy on here actually posted it for me the same as I did for you

  4. All I see listed above is for twin cams and later, no Evo’s

  5. Bobby, I’m going to try a 140 on my 99 but not for several weeks yet

  6. Could cross reference the measurements with and evo and one of these on the list if all other measurements are the same (swing arm gap , fender width, ect) then the same size range will work

  7. Final belt is wider.

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