13 KTM 250 SX Shift Gets Stuck


Hey guys. Have a question about my ’13 ktm 250sx. My shift gets stuck down and I have to bump it to get it back up. Shifter is not bent and oil is always fresh. Doesn’t happen in a certain gear and not every time. Shifts up great.

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  1. Justin Brinn

  2. How many hours?

  3. Could be a shift fork or spring. Does it feel like it’s binding on anything internal when down shifting.

  4. There is a selector return spring. Sounds like it’s broke / unhooked. Pretty easy fix. Make sure you order a gasket when you plan to R/R the spring.

  5. Anyone have or know about a shop manual I can download

  6. Make sure the bolt for the shifter is tight that happened to my 200 and it was the bolt was just a little loose and when I hit it down harder then normal it would get suck down

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