10w-40 Maxima For Uforce 1000


I have a question can I use this oil with my uforce 1000

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  1. ok thanks there’s was a lot of different kind of oil

  2. motorcycle oil is wet clutch safe, so you’re good to use this. I use Rotella T6 synthetic myself. It is widely available at most big stores like Wal-Mart, Fleet Farm and auto parts stores. Most places carry the gallon size jugs, and not the quart size. Can also buy 2.5 gallon jugs to save even more money. Wal-Mart has all three sizes, in my town. It’s good oil and cheap compared to most other synthetic options (Rotella also offers T4 which is a mineral oil if you don’t like synthetic…)

  3. this is actually the brand that cfmoto now sells in there maintenance kits you can buy from cfmotousaparts.com

  4. isn’t T-6 a Diesel engine oil

  5. Also meets JASO-MA and JASO-MA 2 requirements though 🙂 Loads of us have used it for years in wheelers. I might switch my bike’s over now too, seeing that it works and how much cheaper it is over Amsoil. Love Amsoil but the price is high

    Rotella T4 is mineral oil and is even cheaper, but it only meets JASO-MA and not MA 2. So if your machine has a catalytic converter best to stick to oil meeting JASO-MA-2 requirements

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