1090 Adventure Cold Starting Issues


Hey guys! Any of you experiencing cold starting issues with 1090 Adventure? Thanx

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  1. No problems for me so far.

  2. Mine is in the running in period and I need to pull the throttle for the first 2-3 seconds so it does not stop. The dealer said is “normal”!

  3. Mines starts first time. No touching of throttle. Might need it adjusted I reckon

  4. Seems like I have a problem ….

  5. Strange that the seller says its normal?

  6. Parently they had another customer with the same issue and they asked KTM who said that it can happen, but it’s not a defect. I am not convinced and that’s why I am asking here…

    • Well Stefan you are not alone I live in a cold country and the last few days i did have some trouble with the starting When its cold and humid My bike is in a heated garage 90% of time except at work So when i leave at night and sun is down i have to restart it 6-7 times Heard as well it was normal Ktm’s dont like the cold But one thing is for sure dont yank the throttle as you start it Thats no good

    • Indeed, it happens only in the mornings, when its cold outside. After that, during the day it starts normal. I blip the throttle only a fraction of a second, but it’s true they say in the manual I should not. I will try tomorrow morning several times without the throttle

    • Stefan let the ecu do its work I will talk with my mecanic about this issue to see if something can be done

  7. Your instruction manual says clearly no throttle. leave it up to the ecu.

  8. If the dealer is not helping you, you should contact KTM directly.

  9. Replaced fuel pump under warranty. Has not experienced cold starting issue once since. Used to happen every morning.

  10. Give your display time to start up. Then push the start button. Never pull the throttle while starting and into the first minute ?

  11. Mine did with the original battery.. Although the lithium one I have in now has a technique to fire up in minus temperatures.

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