07 CVO Electra Glide Issue


07 Cvo electra glide. Turned on the ignition and when to press the start.click…..no ignition no dash…no power. After 5 mind all ok? Today same thing but I did not get power back until I prodded about with the seat? Got home and removed seat to look for anything obvious same thing happened but now after 20 miss still no power. To anything…..battery is fine..any thoughts……

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  1. ignition relay or breaker

  2. CHECK the back of fuse panel where there is no fuse some times it corrodes across the metal pins

  3. Will look at both suggestions thanks

  4. Battery terminal loose

  5. Checked that all good thanks.

  6. When you turn the ignition do you hear a click at the circuit breaker? If you do you have a ground problem or an exposed wire. Just went through this last week and it was an exposed wire under the fairing. It was my main power wire under the fairing that had grounded out.

  7. I think your right.yes there is a click so will look into this when I get a min…thanks

  8. Test the battery. I had an interstate battery do the exactly the same thing. It was only 1 year old to the day. I was sure it couldn’t be the battery, and it was. Got one from batteries plus. 2 year warranty no prorate

  9. Thanks mate will check that

  10. Mine was the key fob. new baterry and turn right over

  11. Glenn, this may seem troublesome, but repeat after me, “this is better than a kickstarter any day!”

  12. check the ground cable where it bolts to the frame? sounds like a ground issue to me

  13. Thanks for all your suggestions …

  14. Look for broken ground wire

  15. Ignition relay probably

  16. Souunds like you blew the main —– but that would come back after a couple minutes. What you’re describing sounds more like a short or bad ground.

  17. Check for pinched,smashed wires under the seat

  18. Wiltshire.do thanks

  19. I had similar issue, found broken wire up front near forks where wires go up into fairing

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