07 900 Custom


Thanks for the add! New member here from Calgary Alberta. I built this bike from a bone stock custom, so if anybody needs help, ask me! Bike is a 07 900 custom, now really custom….. lol

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  1. My 99 1500 Vulcan passes Harleys lol

  2. 1500-2000,,,should do it just fine

  3. Get a kawasaki Vulcan 2000 classic lt if you are a big guy and can handle it or a goldwing 1800 2008 and above

  4. Get a 1800 goldwing

  5. You should have no problem keeping up with anyone on the 900. Its not a Ninja but gets up to speed pretty quickly. Take an advanced riding class. It's helped me in cornering and confidence. In my case it wasn't the bike, it was the rider.

  6. Besides my 2010 900 Classic LT. I added a second bike to my collection. A 2001 GL1800A Goldwing.
    Comfy and fast.

  7. You've got the right platform you just need to up the cc,s to at least 1500 then you'll ride right next to your dad

  8. Vulcan 2000(2008)Youll hurt their feelings. And theyll wish they could keep up with you.

  9. Vaquero 1700

  10. Get a Mean Streak 1600 and add a fairing for comfort. Keep up with anyone and its not like driving a cruise ship.

  11. My 1500 nomad has no issues keeping up with other cruisers

  12. I have to say, my Vulcan 1500 Classic keeps up with any cruiser on the road!

  13. 2012 1700 Nomad, very nice, great 2up. 5500.00

  14. My 1600 runs with all of my buddies with their Harleys even out running a lot of them.

  15. Vulcan 1500 baby

  16. The new Ducati Diavel 1260 combines the performance of a naked sport bike with the ergonomics of a muscle cruiser. Its design reinterprets the Diavel style with a contemporary look and perfectly integrates the 159 HP Testastretta DVT 1262 engine, the beating heart of this new Diavel 1260.

  17. yeah get a sports bike if you want to go fast

  18. These are not fast bikes, stay clear if you want speed and acceleration or any performance. Lovely cruising machines that eat up the miles though ud83dude00

  19. Vulcan 1700 Voyager.

  20. 06 vulcan 1600 custom 21k miles $4,500obo
    Big 3 performance mods and a custom dyno tune. 70hp 90tq

  21. That's a nice job color pops out at you you didn't over do it

  22. Where did you get your LEDs and do you have to upgrade your battery as well

  23. what benefit is your air intake system? Make it go faster? louder? looks cool?

  24. RideOn from Marysville Washington

  25. Nice rims!

  26. Hello from Minnesota, nice ride

  27. Welcome from the UK

  28. Welcome from jura an area in the east of France

  29. Welcome from Colorado! Nice bike!

  30. Welcome to the group from Tasmania Australia, Nice looking ride

  31. Welcome mate from Bundaberg Queensland Australia nice ride

  32. Love the color

  33. I like the front fender but not so much the rear. That's why I changed mine and the rear mimic wheel/drive, really sets these bikes off.

  34. Hello and welcome from Phoenix, Arizona!u270c

  35. Andrew Pronger

  36. Welcome from Manitoba, my 07 custom

  37. Welcome from Petaluma,

  38. Welcome from Maryland

  39. Sweet Ride indeed.

  40. Looks sharp! Welcome!

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