04-06 R1 Plate Maps


04-06 guys these are your stock secondary throttle plate maps. Huge room for improvement. Vertical is throttle position , horizontal axis is rpm. So at 7000 rpm and 100% throttle the plates are only 63% open 😳

04-06 R1 Plate Maps

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  1. I knew they were fucking us!!!!

  2. It’s as stupid as their fly by wire settings

  3. Joe Mo Sarun Mavintorn

  4. So interesting question, why is the plates open more at less throttle percentage

  5. if I can rear the chart right at 7krpm as 50u0025 the chart says the throttle plates are open at 75u0025?

  6. Those fucking secondaries should be open more than throttle position.. its when they are closed more then the throttle your fucked. FZ1 cut down flies feel so good……… hopefully this remap will fix that

  7. Soooo are you implying you can fix this for us now?

  8. Yea it will. I have had guts out the full flies back on and just go with the updated stp map and they have all been very happy

  9. Also looks like two fuel maps will be available by grounding an Ecu pin. So you could put a switch on it and say have a regular map and a nitrous or race has map. Have to verify this with them tomorrow

  10. Shit up n take my $…….n ecu,and flash it for me!! Lol

  11. David can you look at stock ecu map, then look at ecu after unrestricted mode is set? Diag 70, solid CEL to Blinking CEL map… cause blinking feels much better mid range. Blinking holds after battery change, no telling how long the cap will hold it>> ? maybe forever? Wanna know if its for real, or in your head???

  12. You need to make a "tuning for dummies book".

  13. Its doesn’t list anything about restricted and unrestricted mode in the files. I read the Ecu I have also and nothing like that in there. Every stp table I looked at in the stock charts was identical so we’re the ignition maps not saying its in your head just saying it doesn’t have anything showing like that in the bin file

  14. Sander Vrieling

  15. I removed the blades on mine, but left everything else in to work as normal. Then I tuned to that.

  16. What’s top gear maps look like?

  17. AFAIK the diag 70 thing only works on fbw models, my secondaries are removed and a custom fuel map done with a pc3, track use only it feels fine

  18. Following. Seems to be very good news

  19. Subscribed!!!

  20. is that with the thing we were talking about?

  21. Is vertical rpm and horizontal throttle position? Will the 2nd plates be to stop a "snatchy" throttle? Make the engine drive smoothly?

  22. David knows his stuff he flashed my 08 and it ran like a raped ape.

  23. a raped ape I’m borrowing that one

  24. Just for the hell of it I removed the plates today and put my AT to 25u0025.
    Was only about 5min of basic town riding and all flat spots etc were gone.

    Went out of town a bit and put it through the gears a few times and could feel it getting stronger and stronger. Was night time and a lot of kangaroos around so couldnt do to much
    3000rpm 6th gear and full throttle just bogged a little as expected but no flat spot. I’m geared at 16-46 atm.

  25. Gearing is 15-46 sorry

  26. Gonna have to tune it for the plate remove

  27. The Auto Tune will retrim the fuel tables to match the AFR the bike was running before the plates were removed as too why after a few minutes riding flat spots disappeared.
    One of the best things I ever purchased for the bike……

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