02 Kawasaki ZX12R Issue


Hello everyone I have a question maybe someone has experienced this problem or can shade some light on it for me. I am having a problem with my 02 Kawasaki ZX12R, I have changed all the major electric parts on it and to include the battery. The problem is that for some reason my bike will ride for about 30 minutes and shut itself off and won’t start. The battery seems to have become totally drained, but it can be pushed started or jumped off. The only thing which I haven’t changed is the wire harness. So have anyone experienced this problem or can tell me what is wrong.

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  1. I had a similar problem. I changed all the major components; stator, battery, voltage regulator/rectifier etc and still had the same problem. Checked the wiring harness on both ends and it tested good. Problem was a intermittent connection in the regulator connection. Fixed that connection and never had that problem again.

  2. It sounds like a electric problem.

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